Quick Launch Product Launch

Let’s face it – Sometimes you just need to make some quick money for some reason or another. Maybe you need to build some capital to develop your product more fully, or you want to check the viability of your product before going into full development. Doing a quick launch is perfect for this – Instant Easy Money.

You might see this when someone does a real quick email out to the list with something for sale at a reduced price, for a very short time. I’ve been able to grab some software for a pre-launch cheap price by just being on someone’s list and checking my email.

Here’s what you do if you want to do a Quick Launch:
1. Put together a real killer deal – remember, if you put a price on your product that makes people think, it’s too high.
2. Remember the quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” by Wayne Gretzky You don’t want to leave any money of the table, so offer a bonus or two in addition to your great product. Make the offer so good that people reach for the credit card without even thinking about it! Your goal — Make quick money!
3. Post your offer all over the place – Facebook, whatever email list you might have, twitter, etc.
4. Build your list! One of the great side benefits of any launch, is list building!

Last but not least, doing a Quick Launch will help you develop some stats on your buying traffic. Later on when you do a JV launch, every JV will want to know your EPC, or Earnings Per Click. This is the gold standard by which a JV partner will measure your product against another offer to promote.